Mafungo Children-Care Education&Support Association

Mafungo Children-Care Education&Support (M.C.C.E.S.) is a non-profit making association in United Republic of Tanzania, founded in 2013, out of necessity for children with disabilities, children with Albinism and those living in a difficult and dangerous social-economical situations in Tanzania. Registered in 2015 with number 082118.

The founding principles of this Association are: Love, Justice and Solidarity with poor children in Tanzania, especially children with disabilities.

Our mission

  1. Good inclusive education for both normal and children with disabilities. Our mission is to provide a free and good education and care for children with disabilities and those living in difficult social-economical situation, those humiliated by extreme poverty, orphans and children with Albinism.
  2. Children's Health care and support. It is our urgent priority to insure every child has Health Insurence, Security and care. A dispensary specifically for children.
  3. Overcome any Discrimination due to Disabilities and poverty. It is our intention the creation of awareness among the people that disabilities are not misforturnes but God's will in creation of mankind. We think that unprivileged chidren of Bagamoyo (and pricisely of Miono) can be a Good primary Education as their fondamental rights.

The project

Our project concerns the building of a inclusive primary school "Divine Mercy" in Miono, Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Nowadays, works are still in progress.


It's possible to support Mafungo Children-Care Education & Support Association with a donation.

Bank: Kijitonyama CRDB Bank.
Accountholder: Mafungo Children Care Education and Support.
Account n°: 0150259180300.

In name of those children, we are grateful for every little sign of love and support. By receiving your donatoin, we ensure you our prayer and bless.


Director: KARIA John Daniel (Tel. +255 757539502)
Treasurer: NJAU Emanuel John (Tel. +255 784225212).
Assistant: RIZIKI father Roman (Tel. +39 3809037145).